Have you ever tried on shoes or sandals which gave you an uncomfortable feel most especially when these are practically new and have just been taken out of the box?  Well most of us, if not all of us, have gone through this experience.  Shoes or any type of footwear should ideally conform to the shape of our feet.  This is very basic when it comes to footwear.  However, there are very little chances that we could find the “perfect feel and comfort” with the first pair we get off the rack at any shoe shop, not unless we have these custom tailored to our feet. 

Naot shoes and sandals have gone close to total feel and comfort. Dependability and durability are a given because of high grade natural materials used on every single pair.  Most of us spend time on our feet walking to places we need to be at based on our daily routines.  We often find ourselves walking  to work, making a leisurely trip to the park, the beach and on urban streets, and at times finding ourselves outdoors.  Comfort and durability, these are two important aspects that you could find with a pair of NAOT footwear, without compromising affordability.  Go and try one and know that you would no longer search further for a pair that suits your discriminating taste. 

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