Establishing some organization, may it be business oriented or private; we do have to employ people to assist us in completing the organization for the basic reasons why it was established.  We are supposed to look for employees; it may be individuals or groups, which would certainly give us a specific desired level of efficiency and expertise.

In view of the above, constant searching for the ideal employee to fill in specific positions are often times discouraging and infatuating.  There are times wherein we tend to fall for facades put up by applicants who eventually turn out to be the exact opposite of what we actually require from an employee. This is one reason why we have to follow a specific process in hiring people.  Employee screening is very vital in most undertakings when it comes to hiring.  This is why most of the time we seek professional assistance from outside organizations that do sourcing for these potential individuals.  So in so doing, we get a bunch of applicants who have undergone pre-interviews and qualification tests.  The heavy tasks of painstaking investigations and detailed background information checking are no longer a high priority for us to be concerned about. These are undertaken by these employment agencies and organizations. 

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