It has always been suggested that people do things outside their day to day habits to stimulate their mental being.  With all the dramas and experiences gathered within ones’ personal daily life, it has been a fact that this has left us with wanting for more. Being dynamic has always been a character of people and without vigour and vitality, living would be a very boring experience for most of us. 

Statistics has shown that most people find watching television very stimulating but we do have to admit that it could be very boring and stagnant at times.  It may be stimulating, true, but not as stimulating and dramatic as reading books.  Reading creates so many opportunities for our minds to be creative. Creativity is the expression of our inner selves.  There is nothing more stimulating than reading inspiring novels, a habit which I know I have acquired.  Try your best to find time in reading one; I know that you will find satisfaction and ultimate stimulation which you will never get by watching your favourite video.  A mind that has been properly stimulated leads to a vast opportunity for creativeness. 


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