I and my husband have been married for the past 6 years now and have our share of travelling in and outside our country.  Travelling together has earned us so many positive consequences when it comes to our married relationship.  I know for a fact that we have both enjoyed every single trip we have made, regardless of the distance and the place of destination.  Most of our trips involved airplane rides, domestic and foreign, and may I say that every single travel we have made together was definitely an experience. 

This was one way of relieving ourselves of the daily stress brought about by daily living within the confines of the busy city.  These work-related stress issues have always found its way back to our home after a long day at the office.  We do schedule regular out of town trips which we both make together.  It has worked wonders for the both of us. Then next trip we are thinking about is taking a long inter-island cruise that would find us together for a longer period as compared to short plane rides.  In this way, we could enjoy the long haul with some wonderful sightseeing as we go along.  I know for a fact that this would be a more romantic trip we would be taking as compared to the previous ones. 

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