Thank you and Goodbye President Corazon C. Aquino

In March of 2008 when I found out that the former President Cory Aquino was badly ill with Colon Cancer I immediately pray to God that she may be blesses for healing and good health, that she will be able to continuously be a blessing to many Filipinos for betterment in so many ways.  I may not be her personal friend neither she knows me but I continuously pray for her and constantly follow how she was and how she battles for the dreaded diseases.

Everyone knows that colon cancer is a very serious disease because 90% of the diseases come from the unhealthy colon.  I have tried all the possible ways and means how to connect to her but too no avail. All I wanted is to share with her about the wonders of CRYPTOMONADALES which helps cure many diseases. I even tried to write to Kris Aquino’s Friendster but still. I also check and asked some friends about it but God did not permit me to link to her. I know and I believe that God has His own purpose.  

President Cory THANK YOU for sharing with the Filipino’s your life, your smile and thoughts and making the Philippines free again. Thank you for fighting for the Filipino people. You are the icon of hope, democracy and freedom. Goodbye and May you rest in PEACE together with God and your loving husband Ninoy.  Filipino’s loves you very much!


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