Skateboard Ramps

I remember back in those days when extreme sports were just being introduced.  I know that every single kid out on the block could not be found without a board in their hands on weekends. Small groups of kids to teen agers would always have meets at their local parks and favourite hangouts showing off their skills and talking about their favourite endorsers.  This was back in those days when sanctioned competitions were not that popular among the local scenes. 

Not too long after, because of the drastic rise in popularity of the sport, sponsorships from manufacturing companies found their way to local areas.  Competitions and exhibitions were a common sight and since then, individual skills have grown immensely in terms of degree of difficulty.  The sport has attracted so much that it has garnered so much involvement by professional athletes endorsing gears and stuff.  True to its nature, the sport actually calls for high end equipment to assure safety and performance.  This is also to further enhance the abilities of the athletes. From the actual boards to the outfits and gear required, nothing is left out.  Most importantly, skateboard ramps are the real issue here.  Most performances depend on well built and accurate courses.  This is where athletes can show off some of their unrivalled skills when it comes to competition.      

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