Our visit to International Chlorella Sorokiniana – CRYPTOMONADALES Farm

I woke up at exactly 3am and got prepared and ready for my flight on board PR0896 (with ETD 7:45am) bound for Taiwan. While waiting for our departure, everyone showed signs of excitement and hysteria, although most of us were still a bit sleepy and some came from far places like Tacloban, Bicol, and Bataan. I myself was not able to complete my 8 hour sleeping habit since I was so eager about the trip and was a bit afraid of waking up late on the morning of the flight. Every single one of us brought cameras and video cams to get loads of pictures as proofs of our stay and visit to the ICS (International Chlorella Sorokiniana) office/farm.

Our congregation arrived in Taiwan at exactly 10am last August 7, 2009. We were all very fortunate that our particular flight was not cancelled in any way because of the presence of typhoon “Morakot”.  After the plane landed, that was when the announcement was made that all flights after ours were all “cancelled”. Prior to our trip the previous night, I was able to watch on one of the regular television news programs (Bandila Channel 2) that Philippine typhoon Kiko was then headed for Taiwan but little did I know at the time that it was going to be really that strong. During our landing, I saw a man on the run way (the one giving the signal and directions to the plane), he was literally rolling all over the tarmac due to the strong winds.  I pitied him a lot and just said a few silent prayers for him since there was no other better way in helping out. I am still hoping that everything turned out well and safe for him in the end.  


The 18 Delegates:

    Lila Macapinlac                 –    Dr. Marlene Agabon                 –     Anginett Borja                   

    Don Macapinlac                –     Dr.  Edwin Bien                         –     Judy Pascual                       

    Shyan Lim                           –     Dr. Genelyn Herrera                –      Renato Bernardo         

    Jaslin Lim                           –     Dr. Arturo Arboleda                  –      Catherine Perez                            

    Evelyn Pasimio                  –     Dr. Ignacio Valeriano               –      Renato Mistika

–    Jemima Baylon                  –    Caroline Arboleda                     –      Desiree Lorenzo


Upon our arrival, we all proceeded to the head office of ICS which was a 2 hour drive from the Taoyuan International Airport. The very moment everyone had settled down on the bus, all was silent, only to find out that most of us fell fast asleep. But just the same, it turned to be okay since we could not see anything from inside the bus because of the bad weather.  After the long two hour trip, so it seemed because of the weather condition, we had finally reached the ICS office.  Inside the office, we then started opening our eyes to the different products being produced by ICS.  Aside from health products, they also had an array of beauty products, wine (Cryptomo Liquor/Cryptomo Polyphenol) and oral hygiene products too. It was really great to finally know about the various products they have which made it easier for us to relate more to CRYTOMONADALES. All of us just wished that such products could also be made available here in Philippines. In this way, we all could experience using natural beauty products and the wine which has Omega 3 and Omega 6, and have no hangover whatsoever as an effect. Another amazing consequence of drinking their wine is the anti-ageing effect it has.


After the quick tour of the ICS office, we all then proceeded to Yu Sheng Pharmaceutical (No.14, 21 Rd. Taichung lndustrial Park Taichung,Taiwan R.O.C). This was where they packed our CRYPTOMONADALES in sachets.  They also showed us a video on the processing of their other clients’ products, in Chinese, nonetheless, so we really had a hard time trying to understand every detail. We were also given the chance in going around the entire packaging plant. Then again, right before leaving the place, we all had our pictures taken once more.


Right after Yu Sheng visit, our last stop for the day was our Hotel – Hotel National located at Taichung, Taiwan, a few minutes’ drive from Yu Sheng’s location. We had some time to relax and fix our things. Call time for dinner at the hotel was at 5:30pm. What a sumptuous dinner we had! Everything was so delicious, however, quite a bit expensive. While having dinner, Prof. Wang, together with his staff member Jack and another guy, served us Cryptomo Polyphenol.  Everyone liked it except me since I have a low resistance to any alcoholic beverage and would suffer from allergic reactions. Just the same, I had tried it out since they had insisted that I did. I had 2 servings. Much to my surprise, there were no signs of any negative reactions whatsoever. The prevalent and most commonly used word I heard during our dinner was “KAMPAY”, which meant “bottoms-up”.  So, after 2-3 hours of wining and dining, some of us decided to go to bed early and most of us decided to go around the city. But unfortunately, most stores including the night market were closed because of the typhoon. The only department store that was still open at that time was Sogo. We went around the department store and decided to leave a few minutes after. We were invited by sir Shyan to help ourselves to some local street food, but because of the generous dinner we just had, all of declined on his offer.  After Sogo, we dropped by a local 7-11 convenience shop to get something to munch on when we get back to our designated rooms at the hotel. Some bought crackers, soft drinks and some other small things. After the short stop we made at the shop, we finally decided to head back to the hotel since the strong winds was still too much for us to stay outside any longer. While walking, we to hold on to each other’s arms, otherwise, because of the wind’s velocity, we could have easily been swept of our feet, literally, no pun intended!




August 8, the next day, call time was at 8am for breakfast.  We were treated to a wonderful breakfast buffet at the hotel. One of the best breakfast meals I had in a long time, I would say. After breakfast, we had on our itinerary, a scheduled trip to the ICS algae farm. We had quite an experience going around the farm while Mr. Jack explained some details as we progressed. He mentioned that they had finally reached the final stage of planning for their 24 acre farm facility extension and that the ground breaking was just recently held last August 10. After the tour around the farm, we all were invited to the office to view a video of Mr. Henry Lee (the famous forensic investigator) who is also presently endorsing CRYPTOMONADALES. Soon after the video, we then, of course, had our pictures taken together with Misters Wang Shun Te, two very humble and unassuming people.  Prof. Wang gave all of us 2 bottles of wine as a goodwill gesture because of our visit.  




As per our original agenda, Prof. Wang was supposed to bring us to different places in Taiwan as part of our tour, but unluckily everything has changed due to the unexpected weather condition. After the ICS farm, we then proceeded to one of the largest and more expensive restaurants in the area. The food, superb as expected, well it was a given. I still remember clearly the history of the soup named “Buddha jumped over the wall”, as told by Jack.  It was one unique and most flavorful soups I have ever tasted. Well as expected too, nothing as good as that can be that affordable. The soup somehow came together with the rest of the feast we had. The restaurant is well known for their sea food dishes.  Even as far as the dessert, it too, came from a sea flower, reddish in color and shade (can no longer remember the exact name, well because it was in Chinese).   


We were supposed to meet up with Dr. Su Ih Jen within the same area; however, he had to call off his trip to meet us because of the bad weather and heavily flooded main thoroughfares.  Instead, it was suggested that we come and visit his workplace, the NHRI (National Health Research Institute) office (http://english.nhri.org.tw/), which was about 3 hours away from Taichung City.  We had to give in to his request, although it was not really part of the tight scheduling. But, just the same, everybody was at their peak in excitement since this was the chance everybody had been waiting for, and finally here we were. Upon reaching the office premises, we were briefed about his research and findings about CRYPTOMONADALES & PPARs and how both he and his family were convinced, and furthermore, how they all benefited from this product.  A question and answer portion was held, then lastly, the tour around the NHRI compound. We were so much privileged and were provided a very good opportunity to visit the place. Not many other international organized distributors were given the same opportunity as what we had just experienced. Moreover, only a few people from the other distributorships were given this big benefit. So in Philippines, only 14 lucky ones were chosen and plus of course the presence Ma’am Lila/Sir Don, Sir Shyan/Mam Jaslin.

The August 7-9 trip was also the very first trip NLI (Noble Life) granted us distributors/leaders and doctors together with 2 staff named Aizy and Cathy. This is very memorable for all of us. There is nothing that could compare to what we have experienced first-hand by making this very meaningful and wonderful trip.  Initially, from the manufacturing side to packing and then of course, the propagation of CRYPTOMONADALES. I may say that we were really blessed. Hoping that there would be other batches that could experience what we have been through. This could be beneficial, not only to the other dealers, but to those actual consumers since we can further share with them what this has been all about.

Shopping and sight-seeing were only second best if it were allowed to the bad weather.  But we still had the best part of the trip, which was the only intention. We learned what we finally wanted to learn.  We were able to comprehend more and were able to satisfy questions that long lingered in our minds prior to this trip about CRYTPOMONADALES.  So you might say that we missed out on shopping, well what do you think?  Yes, we indeed were able to go fill ourselves with so much, and that is knowledge which only come within a few lifetimes, well at least for me personally.  I am quite proud to say to many of my co-distributors that because of this NLI offering, I was able to absorb what needed to be learned and was able to discuss face-to-face with no less than the NHRI director and the other distinguished investigators of Cryptomonadales. I too am proud to say that now I can divulge and share all these to present consumers and would-be patrons. One this is for sure, an excellent product such as CRYPTOMONADALES/PPARs and Cleanse, need not much explaining, the products’ effect can vouch for itself!   

JANET C. BORJA +639228289128                                                                                                  

http://janetborja.com / http://cryptomonadalesppar.wordpress.com / http://meridianlifestyle.blogspot.com


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