Billet Grilles

My husband has always been into modifying our personal rides, from the internals of the engine, to the external aspect and its’ interiors.  I may have to say that there is definitely still a lot of room in terms of improving your stock vehicles as far as looks and performance are concerned.  Creating a sense of personalization in your vehicles make these stand out.  I know for a fact that vehicles that are personalized really stand out on the streets.  Being unique in a way often times generate compliments from other enthusiasts, most especially if these are done with the taste and the utmost detail.


We have just recently purchased a new SUV straight from the dealership, and not even reaching its first 1,000 Km. check-up, my husband decided to spice up the way it looked.  He has began replacing the stock wheels with a larger diameter with corresponding low profile tires, installed window tints and have added a few more small features which were not readily available on the stock model.  However, at this point, there is one that really stood out from the rest of the modifications he has done.  These are the billet grilles he had installed on the front end of the vehicle.  It really made a big difference in terms of looks.  Made it look a bit aggressive with a touch of class and prestige.  It was not so much on the blingy-side, but highlighted the front end a lot.  I love the way it looks now, however, according to him, he still has a few more ideas that need to be implemented.


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