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I and my husband have just recently done a minor renovation to the ground floor of our humble abode.  We have decided to change the interior to make it look more homey and comfortable as compared to what it was previously.  The colour scheme was revised together with some furnishings and minor appliances.  What we actually wanted was a complete turn-about of how it looked before which meant creating a totally new concept in design. 


What we have on our ground floor are very simple furnishings and fixtures where we have the living room, the dining area and a small dry kitchen.  Within the living room, you would find a living room set, a comfortable sofa with a center table that is simply designed to match the interior’s colour.  New drapes were installed to replace the old ones which now highlight the whole colour scheme of the wall.  Some small decors were hung on the wall to compliment the whole background and give it a bit more life.  Furthermore, since this is our favourite place within our home, we have set up an audio-video system that could make us relax and spend most of the time enjoying ourselves.  This was the most important highlight within the living room and it was just important to us both that we set the layout correctly.  The first thing we did was to look for the most ideal location and to go along with this was of course the choice of TV stands for our newly purchased LCD widescreen.  We have opted not to have it wall mounted to maintain the proper and suitable aspect of the room.  I do believe that space is also to be considered greatly since maximizing the space of the whole interior is a must.


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