December 2009 archive

Home Security

I and my husband have transferred residences on several occasions ever since he has taken a job that involves being assigned to different destinations at an average of once every 2 to 3 years. It has been quite difficult for the family since every time it happened, we always found ourselves adjusting to a new …

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There have been several occasions wherein safety has been an issue with both I and my husband.  Being so involved in work and our professions brought about by specific obligations that need to be met on a regular basis, it just seemed practical to get some security in the event that some unfortunate situation arises. Having some peace of …

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Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals

I and my husband have always been very busy with work and our professions that we seldom have quality time spent together.  Its either he comes home early in the morning or I leave for work early in the morning, we never really have enjoyed each other’s company for nearly more than a year now.  …

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