Cole Haan

I have always been hooked on apparel ever since I was a teenager.  Having to grow up in a middle class environment, I was so consciously aware of what kind of impact fashion had on individuals, mainly the younger people. As we all know, society always had an upper hand and was always influential when it came to personal preferences. This has always been the reason for adapting to different lifestyles which we find ourselves embracing.  It was so relatively definitive that most of the time; we let ourselves be dictated upon so as to get the proper acknowledgement.  

During my younger years, people who paid so much attention to looks and style, never got the chance to actually concern themselves with cost and quality, as long as it was something they could afford and was actually trendy.  Trend has always been held at the top most lists of considerations, even if it meant an arm and a leg.  I could say that I was among the luckier ones having parents belonging to the later generation who still believed in getting the quality they deserve for an equal amount of money spent.  Obviously, these practical lessons I have picked up years back eventually paid off every time I would do some purchases during these unfavourable times.  As an example, I do remember that when it came to footwear, I only had quite a few options that really proved to be practical ones.  Among these chosen few were real and authentic pairs of Cole Haan.  I consider them the best among those that I have tried on and have been satisfied for years. I do believe that you could have all the good reasons for being updated and fashionable and still maintain a good sense for quality and practicality.

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