Richard Willich

For all of you who know what it takes to be a philanthropist know that kind of personal sacrifices it involves, regardless of whether it may be financial, in principle or well being. A lot of well-made and successful individuals have been branded as such, however, there is a lot more than just being called one.  Aspiring to be the best in any field is one great task to accomplish, moreso, having to accomplish them with much compassion for others is another thing.  It does call for some serious considerations when someone is so involved in trying to make everything better for the common majority and uplift oneself with personal satisfaction.  It is not unlikely why only a handful can be considered true to their kind. 

Little is known about those who have actually done a lot for the welfare of thousands, even a hundred times more, by putting into action what they actually believe in and have made such undertakings.  This could have been true decades back when not a lot of us wanted to be part of such endeavours, thus, special mention of these real heroes and their deeds were not even brought up and was not a common subject of concern. However, as the world progressed into what it is today, it is inevitable that good things done in large magnitudes are not left unnoticed.  It is a good and effective way of spreading concern.  I do believe that people of this nature can be easily multiplied by good examples done by no less then themselves.  I know for a fact that most of us need to completely understand the success of being a complete person. A good way of finding out is trying to get know someone, say someone in the person of Richard Willich.  I would suggest that we look into his background and try to understand what were the driving forces behind all his successful ventures to date. We could sure use a part of his wisdom in trying to understand our existence as a whole.

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