LCD Monitor

Comparing all things that are very important to us aside from our home being the first, we consider the family car as second in line.  It takes us to practically anywhere we would go and I could not imagine doing without it.  In these present times, it is no longer a luxury to have one but more of a necessity.  My husband literally spends an average of 4-5 hours daily on weekdays driving, which makes it vital to the family’s support.  On weekends, its turns itself into a family transporter taking us on out of town trips. 

Comfort and safety has been my husband’s concern when it comes to our precious ride.  Long distance trips with the kids never was easy most especially when trying to keep them concentrated on other things aside from getting rowdy and distrustful while my husband was on the wheel.  My husband, being handy with do-it-yourself chores around the house, decided to upgrade the standard audio system in the vehicle.  He decided to get a video player and installed an lcd monitor in the rear. You can’t just imagine how more peaceful that made our weekend trips.  It was also a way of conditioning our kids’ minds once we got off the car.  Now everybody’s satisfied and calm during long drives.

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