MMF Drawer

I have just recently set up my own office independent of my previous workplace where I used to be employed as account manager.  I have decided immediately on an opportunity that came my way when I was faced with a very attractive proposal from our district head.  She had offered me full product supply support on a commission basis if I was interested in being an official dealer.  Little did I know that she was already eyeing me as one of the few prospective individuals within the organization who could actually help make the company business flourish?

Knowing the basic intricacies of the business, most especially the part on marketing, I have responded positively and have drawn several counter proposals and for my side, some personal strategies that would help me accelerate things once I get settled and have officially started.  My immediate concern soon after was doing a very appropriate lay outing of the office.  I had to employ some people who I personally knew to fill some staff positions since it was very vital that I started out right. Together with drafting an organizational chart, I created a list of equipments and furnishings that were just part of the whole planning period. We never had the luxury of time, and so we went through the lists like a breeze and started purchasing them.  It was not that difficult, I have to admit openly.  The wonders of sourcing by way of the internet really do relieve us of all the effort and time that we would not have at our easy disposal. Every single thing on the list was not left out, most especially the office furnishings.  It had the most satisfying feeling when they arrived one at a time and started filling up the place. I should say that one particular item we have chosen that proved to be very practical was the mmf drawer. I’m really glad that we had to do things without having to leave the premises. I should say that everything was very well coordinated.

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