Auto Insurance

There are a lot of statistics that show vehicular accidents as being among the most common causes of deaths and serious injuries within this modern society that we live in.  It has been a proven fact that because of the continuous rise in number of motor vehicles that have been produced by automobile manufacturers worldwide due to an equally large demand, a vast majority of those involved in such catastrophes and misfortunes have been identified as inexperienced drivers.

Although there are equivalent tests being conducted before one can avail of a driver’s license, it still seems impossible that there would be a full guarantee that all those who have passed the screening are capable of coping with these unforseen situations.  I have always been deeply saddened when I am confronted with some news concerning young adults being caught up in collisions. It has always been my initial reaction that I often stop to wonder why lives of young and promising individuals have to end in this manner. Scores of people have always put the blame on parents in giving so much freedom to their children.  I have seldom contested them on this presumption; however, I do believe that it is on account of the pressures of society. 

I have young teenagers under my care and have always been blessed that not a single one of them have been mixed up in such detriments. It is obligatory as guardians to let these young people experience some liberty during their growing up stage, but let it be known that it is also a responsibility as adults to manage their welfare properly without any compromises.  I do let them drive the car on some occasions when I personally find it necessary; however, there are specific rules that go with it. Young people are adventurous by nature and will continue to be such until they reach their state of maturity.  There is not a single way of putting a permanent guard on them at all times. The best alternative is to be prepared for such incidences.  This has been the reason that I’ve always made sure that my auto insurance is updated. It surely makes a lot sense to do so and gives me some great peace of mind.

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