Eczema Treatments

My family has always been active when it comes to outdoor activities.  As far as I remember, there was never a weekend within a month’s period that we would not take a trip out of the city and into some mild wilderness.  We have always been this much involved ever since the time that we were blessed with the first-born. It has created a close bonding among us and has done wonders up to this date.  

Being so involved with 5 children, it is normal that I find myself attending to matters concerning health issues. Fortunately, there hasn’t been anything more serious than your average flu or the common cold, aside from some allergies.  One of the children showed some slight irritations on his forehand after a trip we had made a few weeks back. Being so utterly concerned, I have brought him to a dermatologist since the topical solution I got off the shelf from the local pharmacy did not provide any dramatic improvements.  It has been discovered that what he had was a mild skin disorder that needed an effective remedy. The doctor recommended that he undergo a series of eczema treatments under his direction so that he could closely monitor the progress.  I am really thankful that it did not develop into something slightly serious because of the immediate medical attention provided. I am hoping that it won’t be too long that we could hit the trail once more, all family members in hand.

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    • Suzana C on February 14, 2010 at 9:59 pm

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