Baby Announcements

I still clearly remember those times when any one of my sisters was actually near to giving birth to another little member of our family.  Being the eldest among the brood, it had always kept me very anxious in being on top of most things when it came to family occasions and matters, most especially memorable activities.  I was always active and would really go out of my way in trying to organize things with the utmost accuracy and dedication. 

It really does feel that it was not long ago that these precious moments have been part of our household and have filled it with much adornment.  I would really consider our family as an extended one, from grandparents to grandchildren who were always around, just made the family closer.  It has seemed that there were never enough occasions that always kept us more intimate with one another.  From anniversaries to weddings, birthdays to Christmases and new years, and the most thrilling ones were those baby announcements. These were among the most talked about topics and we just did not seem to have grown tired of it.  All I can say is that someone up there really loves us so much that we were blessed with a large brood.

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