Scalp Pimples

Being always under the extreme heat of the sun and being exposed to dust and other air pollutants just worsens any skin irritation one might happen to have.  I have always been under these unfavourable situations brought about by my work.  I have just opened my own marketing business and demands that I do a lot of field work and promotions, regardless of the location and actual weather situations at the most.  I have always enjoyed this side of my business; however, it has proven to be really detrimental to my skin.  

I have since then experienced parching of the lips, extremely drying out of my hair follicles and have also developed scalp pimples.  Although as frantic as I was when I have actually found out after really scrutinizing myself in the mirror one day, it has eventually lead me to believe that there are definite solutions to these problems of mine.  I have then immediately sourced out all possible options when it came to restoring a healthy and vigorous skin with matching soft and silky hair.  I have then scheduled myself to regular trips to the local hair salon and health spa.  It has proven to be quite effective and very relaxing for that matter.  However, these are just temporary resolutions and I would still recommend that you do your own method of revitalizing your skin at home with the use of some over the counter facial and skin cream and lotions.

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