Cell Signal Booster

I have been caught up in several situations wherein immediate communication was essentially needed.  I am presently involved in my own marketing business and have been travelling to different locations by car because of important presentations and product demonstrations.  It is a must that I have constant access to my office at all times because if proper coordination and confirmation for urgent updates and status reports.  It would be quite difficult if I could not have access to the office while I am away.  This would only cause great delays and eventually would lead to so many unsatisfied clients.

Since I practically spend an average of five to six hours on the road going from one point to another, I always make it a point that I have practically everything I need when it comes to getting in touch with the rest of my staff back at the office or organizing trips to some of our valued account holders.  In view of this, I always take three hand phones with me and have made sure that there are no interruptions during any conversation, regardless of my location.  This is why I have decided to install a cell signal booster in my vehicle.  It surely provides efficiency and confidence during those times that I find myself outside the confines of my company.


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  1. Posts like this make the time spent over the internet somewhat enjoyable 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

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