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Our family have always been involved in family activities such as long out of town trips and outdoor activities which were normally held on weekends.  It has been our practice and sort of a tradition that we would hold these at least two to three times out of every year, which was not so frequent, …

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Furnace Filters

Building a home is not that simple if you would like to create something that is unique for the family to live in. This means considering all the features that could be applied which would make living conditions far better in comparison to a previous house.  This was the case with both me and my …

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Faux Wood Blinds

We have a newly constructed house in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. All of us were so excited to decorate and arrange all our furniture’s. Everyone has his own bright ideas on how to make things beautiful and well organize. We all argue where to put this and that but if there is one thing we …

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My family has always been active when it comes to outdoor activities. As far as I remember, there was never a weekend within a month’s period that we would not take a trip out of the city and into some mild wilderness. We have always been this much involved ever since the time that we …

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Night Cream

Before I go to sleep I regularly clean my face and never forget to wear my favourite night cream.  I know at night time our body repairs and rejuvenate so it is very important to complete the eight hours of sleep as well as to sleep before ten p.m. I am a health conscious individual and …

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Fat Burner

Have you always wondered what kind of program would get you into shape and get rid of those unwanted flab?  So many people have undergone so many health and fitness programs but have always ended up frustrated in the process.  Problems arising from diet issues, stressful activities and actual time management have always been the …

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Facial Wash

During my younger years I really don’t know how to get rid of my yucky pimples. I’ve tried many ways, tried different medication, visit my dermatology regularly and also stop eating oily and fatty foods but too no avail.  I really don’t know what to do and I really don’t know what kind of medication …

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Clad Copper Core Cookware

I have always been busy when it came to family gatherings at home.  Sundays are known to be those days when I looked forward to seeing members of the family gathered around the dinner table exchanging pleasantries while enjoying a hearty meal.  I and my husband have shared this passion of entertaining people who are …

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ECO PURE: Genesis Pure

ECO PURE is a safe, effective, and fully-tested combustion catalyst designed to aid in increasing the burn rate of fuel in the combustion chamber and reducing afterburn.


I really do not favor smoking among people.  I think that is just one among several of my personal preferences.  However, be it as it may, my husband can’t seem to keep away from it since he started at a young age which was decades ago during his years as an adolescent.  I can say …

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Mens Ties

I know a lot of professional people working for large corporate firms who have admittedly said time and again that looking sharp and trendy really does pay off.  This is most especially true when marketing work is involved.  Giving out the right impression during initial meet-ups with associates and clientele alike is among a short list of important considerations …

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SCALAR ENERGY STICKER – EMF Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Prenatal Vitamins

How important prenatal vitamins during pregnancy? This plays a very important role to child’s development as well as to the mother’s health and safety. They both need proper supplementation. At the early stage of pregnancy the mother should consult her doctor immediately to check on the pregnancy status and what are the dos and don’ts …

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Diets That Work

Times have been so tough for most of us who have found ourselves so engrossed with our daily lives and have forgotten to consider our health conditions.  Because of the busy and hectic lifestyles we all have, we have neglected the fact that our bodies need the same amount of attention.  The negative effect is …

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