I really do not favor smoking among people.  I think that is just one among several of my personal preferences.  However, be it as it may, my husband can’t seem to keep away from it since he started at a young age which was decades ago during his years as an adolescent.  I can say that I have learned to live with this habit of his ever since we have settled down.  

I would have to say that to those who are not really fond of it, it might really be quite annoying most especially when someone right next to you actually lights one.  I know that it is obviously on account of the smoke and the odour that it produces, not to mention some possible complications one might have involving health issues.  I have to admit that I still am sensitive at times. I remember at one point that I have even asked my husband what he had in his mouth because it had actually caught my fancy due to its somewhat flavourful scent.  It turned out that it was a tatuaje, according to what he told me, with a matching grin on his face

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