Electric Fireplaces

Designing a home that is exceptionally comfortable and relaxing can surely prove to be one big task to undertake.  I still remember when we were making plans of the interior of our new house back then that we had to spend countless hours deliberating on certain issues concerning furnishings and fixtures.  It was not only a big headache on making it all possible in terms of technical issues, but cost-wise, it has also proven to be quite challenging to begin with.

We had to arrange everything in such a way that priorities over the design were drawn and a certain budget had to be agreed on.  These priorities were basically the bedrooms fixtures and the living room.  It was quite odd that we have considered the kitchen to be our last concern since we have always thought that it would be effortless in conceptualizing a theme for this.  So, as the work transpired and progressed on the actual plans we have finalized, we have noticed some short comings.  There were quite a few details that we have not given consideration to and this was mostly concerning fixtures.  One thing that we had almost missed out on was the furnace. However, we are really thankful that there are electric fireplaces available which was really convenient for us since we no longer had to create new fittings and do some major renovating at such an early phase of the construction.


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  1. i would still prefer to use the traditional log based fireplaces compared to electric firepalces-“‘

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  3. Well done! Here are some relevant information you can refer to.

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