Inogen Oxygen Concentrator

In the past years that my younger brother has been battling it out with asthma, there had seemed no reasonable solution to help ease times wherein he had attacks while we were out of the house.  My brother’s situation seemed to have grown less and less convenient whenever we would have certain engagements that we had to attend, most especially those that involved making long trips and spending countless hours on the road.

Aside from his regular oral medication which he has been maintaining for several years now, we had to find some other way to help alleviate this condition of his.  It was at such time that we have been introduced to wonderful equipment that seemed very practical and efficient to use.  Through one of our closest family friends, we have known about the inogen oxygen concentrator which proved to be very effective in preventing extensive attacks from recurring.  It was not only handy but was exactly what we were looking for.  It has not only proven to be reasonable at cost but has indeed helped him a lot with his chores and assignments both at work and at home.

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