Being on the family isn’t that much fun, although it really has its pleasures.  I remember when my sister had her first child and everyone was so excited to see her through this ordeal of being a first-time mother.  Having been raised in an average sized family of two brothers and two sisters, we were accustomed to the importance of close family ties.  Everyone within the family had his or her own set of responsibilities to carry out and everyone knew that it was intended to instil moral values within us.  It has taught us that family was important and that it meant the reason for our existence.  

Having been so overjoyed by the near addition to our immediate family, everyone had a say as to what was to be done once the child has been born.  It was really such a big concern that each and every one of us could wait to convey our thoughts of joy and exhilaration.  We surely wanted the least complications for the baby and moreover, our sister.  We have exerted all possible efforts in doing some research and have consulted medical professionals up to a point of providing our sister a nutritional program which she would maintain throughout her pregnancy period.  We definitely wanted a very healthy, intelligent child and have included prenatal multivitamins to the long list of supplements. It was so important that it did not only benefit the child but helped our sister maintain her good health during this period.


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