Formal occassions have always been a part of my husband’s agenda since he has been involved in the field of marketing for some time now.  Eversince he has been engaged in this kind of trade, there was never a month that has gone by that he never made it to one of his important functions.  It was always important for him that he presented himself properly since this was the only way that he could initially impress clients and get hold of important accounts.  He once told me that the first impression does make the difference and it has proven to do wonders.

I have actually helped him choose out the correct wardrobe for these occassions and never did he contradict me in those choices I have made.  We actually have the same taste in clothing and it was never really a big problem since we have often spent time together shopping, regardless of whether it was for myself or even if it were for him.  Honestly speaking, his patience when it comes to choosing the appropriate clothes for any occassion is quite surprising, given the reaction men have when wives mention shopping.  I have just recently helped him choose a tuxedo that he would be using for this special presentation that his company would be making.   When it comes to important functions, there is nothing like wearing a well tailored outfit

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