Feeling comfortable has always been we have been looking forward to whenever we would step out of the house regardless of whether for work or for pleasure.  Both my husband and I try our best to maintain an active lifestyle and we surely enjoy spending time together on weekends after a long week at the office.  We would normally take Sundays as our day at home but spend Saturdays visiting the malls strolling and window shopping.

Taking long walks really takes away stress when it specifically keeps your mind off work related pressures.  We find it difficult to get started on a new week at work if we have let a weekend pass without some relaxation and all it takes is a casual visit to the nearest shopping center.  When I say casual, I refer to the fact that we spend this day being ourselves and just take the day as it comes, this includes our weekend wardrobe which consists of a pair of jeans a rugged t-shirt and a pair of really nice and comfortable walking shoe.  Recently, on one of our weekend trips to the local mall, I have actually chanced upon the new collection of Privo.  I got a pair for both myself and my husband and they really do make your feet so comfortable not to mentioning the fact that it looks great too.  I could say that it must be one of the best purchases I’ve made in my weeks of shopping.

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