Bathroom Fans

I and my husband had just finished remodeling our home with a few modifications that were done to the overall structure.  The house, being a little over 15 years old, really needed some minor touch ups and some major renovations involving new plumbing, a better electrical layout and a landscaped backyard.  For the interior, we have decided to leave all the furnishings as they were since getting new ones would really set us back thousands more in cost.  We only did repainting of the walls and took away those old cupboards in the kitchen.  We had the entire flooring buffed and polished to a gleam leaving a completely new look.

The rooms on the second floor were one among the main concerns on our list.  We had the carpeting of each room replaced, which included door jams and wall paper.  We often have guests staying over on weekends and we did not want to leave these out among our priorities.  We always make sure that our friends feel as comfortable as they can.  We have even replaced old water pipes and installed new bathroom fans in all our shower rooms.  I would have to say that the house never looked as good as this other than when it was newly built 15 years ago.

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