Cohiba Cigars

My husband has been associated with a foreign-based trading company for years now and he has often spent time outside the country gathering data concerning his work. It has always been a habit of his that for every new destination he would be assigned to, he immediately does a brief research, not only about matters concerning work, but ideas and information he could muster about the locality he soon would be visiting. Being in a place we are not so familiar with could be one of the most exciting things for us to experience, moest especially if it would involve wonderful sceneries and friendly faces.

He has always found time to go around after a long exhausting day of work. It is almost everytime that he comes home that he just never fails to amuse me with the different memorabilias he has brought with him. On one of his returns from abroad, upon reaching the house, he immediately calls my father to let him know that he just got home and that he would like to meet up and have dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. This did not surprise me at all since he practically does this everytime he is around. However, what was so unusual was the over anxiousness in his voice when he was talking to my dad. Once at the restaurant, with so much enthusiasm, he handed my father a very neatly wrapped box. My father could not actually get a hold of himself but had to open it right at that moment because of his curiosity. I never saw that look of amazement from my father’s face upon seeing what was inside. My husband, knowing what my dad was into, actually got him a box of cohiba cigars to add to his collection. The subject of discussiong at dinner completely revolved around this precious gift and it did brought a lot of smiles to our faces. It was one way of saying how much my husband appreciates my father as much as I do.

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