Horse Tack

I still remember my grandfather’s farm very clearly up to this day since I practically grew up with both my grandparents.  Although I and my parents only lived about 100 kilometers away, we never really had enough space for both myself and my younger brothers to play around when we were children. This is why they made it a point to pick us up on Fridays and spend the rest of the weekend enjoying ourselves by exploring whatever we could in the presence of farm animals, trees and fresh grass.

The most memorable moments for myself was when it came to helping out my grandmother tend to their livestocks.  It was really an exciting chore for me since being at home most of the time and having to wake up everyday to attend school just got so tedious, it was really something to look forward to towards the end of the week. I also remember my grandfather tagging me along to the local general supply store to purchase some things for the farm which also included some horse tack and other small equipment.  I really have missed out on these adventures and I could only as much as tell these stories to my own children. Hopefully, they too could have this chance since I know that it could provide them with a better perspective of life. .

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