Our family has always been afflicted with a hereditary allergy and to further say that at least one or two family members out from every generation have acquired it. Being asthmatic has had its disadvantages for most of us, however, it has always been part of our lives. You could find different kinds of paraphernalias and equipments around the house to help counter any possible attacks at any given time. I do have to admit that there were times that I personally experienced the hardships my younger brother had to go through everytime it happened.

Growing up within a loving and caring family really did make things a lot more comfortable for everybody, most especially for my brother. I would always be the one taking him to the hospital and seeing him through several tests that had to be conducted shortly after a long and stressful attack. We would make it a point to always consult our physician soon after so that we could some further assurance since he also developed having slight seizures which was not related in a way to his asthmatic condition. But just the same, we all wanted to make sure that it would not cause further complications. This the same reason why we have decided to get hold of a spirometer. It has surely made us feel more at ease and quite relieved.

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