I have always considered myself as being blessed with having a large family.  You would not be able to imagine how rowdy it gets during these regular gatherings we have on weekends when everybody enjoys each and everyone’s company.  It has been a family practice that Sundays are reserved solely for this purpose and that we really do get out of our way to try and make it as meaningful as possible.  I am really glad that despite the hard times and pressures from work, that we could still find refuge in one another on such an occassion.  Both I and my husband greatly appreciate the involvement of everybody and there is nothing more exciting than to see both my parents enjoying the presence of their grandchildren.

Every week has been a thrill for both my father and mother since they have always been active in trying to arrange everything around our ancestral home prior to these Sundays.  Everybody has their own participation in organizing small things from meals to activities for the children.  Spending hours on the phone on a Friday night has also been part of setting things up since a regular occassion such as this involving quite a number of people is not always that easy.    Preparation for the food has been a task that I was assigned to and my husband, being in charge of the kids’ activities, made sure that toys were always around to pacify the little ones who seem a bit more impatient compared to their older kin.  We always ended up going home with wonderful smiles on our faces that most often lead us to an equally wonderful start of a new week.

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