Fake Quantum Pendants Seized By Philippines Customs Department!

More than 50 boxes or 5,000 fake Quantum Pendants manufactured in China were seized by the vilgilant Customs Enforcement Department of Philippines recently.The 8 officers of Customs Enforcement were given a Commendation Letter and a gold bracelet each awarded by FE Executive Director William Duguil on behalf of the Philippines Country Licensee Jeremy Looi and Presidential Director Arthur Medina who were in Kuala Lumpur for the launching of the revolutionary Quantum Shield.



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  1. Good writing, maybe im more intrested in other posts liek this, can someone post links if they know? Thanks!

  2. Really great post. Kindoff gave me an idea for my new blog post. I have an idea about writing around this same stuff, just in Latvia. 🙂

  3. Good Write-up, Look forward to watching how the sector and concerns play out for over the long term.

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