Housewarming Gifts

Special occasions have always been a part of any sociable person regardless of age, gender or culture, most especially for those people who consider family as a very essential part of their existence.  I have been raised as part of a very large family and that has helped me realize the true values of living.  As far as I can remember, there was never a dull moment when I was growing up when we shared memorable experiences bonding during these very meaningful events that called for the presence of everyone.  Participation was part of the fun most of all when it involved organizing matters.  

This was part of our tradition to be able to extend from one generation to another the values that have been instilled in all of us.  Now that times have changed because of the distance and the complexities of day to day living, we have still stayed true to being a tightly-knit clan.  There was never an occasion that I have missed out on even if it meant travelling the distance just to be part of it.  I still clearly remember my first long trip during the yuletide season wherein I had to fulfill a two day journey just to make in on time to my younger sister’s place.  With a couple of travel bags and a bunch of holiday housewarming gifts on hand, I was just glad that it was all worth it.

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