I have always been fascinated with how these exotic cars look, most especially since my husband shares the same sentiments whenever we would see one on the road while managing our way through local traffic.  It is quite a wonder how owners of such splendid automobiles seem to keep them looking their best.  I know for a fact that maintenance cost does not come cheap as with your typical family van.

Just recently, both I and my husband had chanced upon one while driving out of town.  It was really an eye-catcher and made heads turn while it tried to manoeuvre its way through a row of cars along the highway and passed ours in the process.  I have gestured to my husband who was at the wheel and he nodded back in response and said “now that’s a perfect example of a well-engineered vehicle”.  In the same manner as these cars are as rare as they come, what about the actual periodic check-ups?  I am not quite certain, but Ferrari parts seem to be scarce locally but I definitely know that these owners do have their sources.

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