I have been in the marketing business for a little over ten years now.  I could safely say that, although it had its ups and downs due to some uncontrollable circumstances like increases in item costs and the like, we have still maintained a comfortable margin when it comes to profits and this has kept us going up to this time.

Both I and my husband, although he is not directly involved in this venture of mine, have thought of expanding our setup by opening some retail outlets that could serve a different market as far as capturing a direct pool of clientele.  At some point of our brainstorming, we were able to raise some technical points that we had considered in view of possible complications involving sales and inventories, which are not easy tasks to tackle.  In the foregoing, we have come across the idea of implementing particular POS systems that could, more or less, be adapted to the nature of our soon-to-be business expansion.  I am quite sure that this would be a very important matter to consider once we have finally decided to push through with or plans.

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