Roadside Assistance Club

Being a fanatic of out of town trips, both I and my husband really go out of our way when it comes to travelling by land.  We have oftentimes taken vacations on several occasions every year and really never missed out on them, most especially when it involved a special occasion in the family.  We normally take turns in taking the wheel since I have been driving for almost more than a decade now and have since enjoyed it and have considered it a hobby.

My husband has been actively involved in a local car group wherein regular gatherings are scheduled to discuss technical things about our vehicles, of which I am still trying to learn as of this moment.  I could say that we are a bit lucky to have been part of such a group and that it has increased our awareness of certain situations that might occur when taking long trips.  I am really appreciative that there are organizations such as the roadside assistance club that we could also count on in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

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