Zero Tolerance Knives

Both I and my husband have been involved in outdoor activities for as long as I can think of.  Ever since we have known each other, even prior to our marriage, we have always been actively participating in out of town engagements and have joined some local clubs consisting of common friends who are also into the same hobbies such as camping.  We both share this joy of being adventurous and independence once we find ourselves within the bounds of Mother Nature. 

It is a big relief for us whenever we could find time to travel and spend a couple of days exploring new places.  These trips we make have always been memorable to us and have strengthened our relationship as a couple because of the bonding we experience which we could not get on regular days at home.  Part of the bonding process starts with the preparation for each trip we have scheduled to make and that means packing our stuff and loading them on the truck.  We make sure that all gears are complete including those zero tolerance knives that really come in handy and is one of those things that we just can’t do without.

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