I have been in the marketing business for quite some time now and there is only one thing that has kept me in this field and that is being organized about every single thing there is about our clients.  There are quite a number of issues that need to be addressed prior to venturing into being an entrepreneur and among them is setting up clear guidelines that could prove to be invaluable in keeping track of progress.  This is completely true most especially when it comes to customer relations.

I have dealt in consumer items for as long as I can remember and knowing each and every commodity that I carry counts a lot.  Creating a very good strategy involves being familiar with the market and this is why I have always tried to maintain order at the company when it comes to reports and data.  Aside from files kept in computers, I do keep hardcopies of every single transaction with details that help me inject new ideas into our system.  This is where a VeloBinder comes into the picture.  It is the most practical way of stacking information printed on report sheets that could easily be accessed without spending so much time.  Among several critical elements that I have known, efficiency is always at the top of my list.

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