Omnia Hardware

My sister had just recently moved into her new home which they had purchased a year ago.  Although it had some major renovations done to its basic structure right after her purchase, it still needed improvements as far as plumbing and minor carpentry works were concerned.  The house has basically two storeys with three independent bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor and a large dining and living room plus a standard-sized kitchen on the ground floor.  According to her, the house was originally built some 12 years ago and was really time to do some upgrades. 

Problems with maintenance was not really on her mind when she was just deliberating on her decision since her husband is a part time local contractor that deals with housing projects.  Sourcing for materials and accessories was not a big deal either due to the fact that nowadays, information could easily be found on the internet.  There was a time when she showed me a catalogue of fixtures from omnia hardware.  Choosing an appropriate item never got as easy as this.

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