Farmhouse Stool

I and my husband have been married for a couple of years now and are actually expecting to have children of our own in the very near future.  Making plans for such is not only driving both of us really out of our minds, in the fondest ways, but have also affected most of our family members, most especially those who have kids.  I have always imagined our home to be blessed with children wonderfully wandering around and have always looked forward to the time that I would actually experience such. 

I would say that we have chosen the most ideal house with an ideal number of rooms and a spacious backyard with lots of greenery.  It is actually located about a couple of kilometres away from the city proper which makes it near to perfect when it comes to serenity and security.  Among the available bedrooms that grace our humble abode, my husband has actually made an extension on the second floor with enough area that could be turned into a rumpus room for future use.  I plan on making it as comfortable as it could be and by this, I mean decorating it in such a way that the children could find it appealing enough to get them preoccupied during their playtime.  Furnishings are the main thing that I would have to begin with and a farmhouse stool would actually be among that on the top of the list.

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