Hot Tub Covers

Ever since I and my husband have moved into our new home about a year ago, there have been several things that we both needed to work on, most especially those fixtures on both the first and second floors.  For those major renovations which needed to be done urgently, we have decided to have these worked on prior to transferring so that all that were left were quite manageable and could be improved as the time passed.  After we have moved in, the first small issues that we took care of were purchasing new appliances and furnishings for both the living room and the kitchen.  This was an easy task for us since we were only about a few kilometres away from the nearest stores.  

Next on the list of chores were acquiring new beddings, cushions and drapes to match the whole interior.  We of course had to consider a lot of things and one of them was deciding on the actual fabric for these.  Purchases were done with much ease as compared to getting our bathrooms as comfortable as could be.  The tiles were replaced with those of lighter shades and so were the toilet bowls, shower curtain and of course a couple of new hot tub covers for the one we had upstairs in the master’s bedroom and the one on the ground floor for the guest room.  I am quite positive that everything would be done within the next month or so.

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