I would have to admit that I am no longer in my teenage years and is as active as I used to be as compared to more than a decade ago.  However, it has never failed to amaze me, looking back, how I was able to maintain a strict regimen as far as personal hygiene is concerned, from the time I got conscious of how I looked, although I still am up to this point in time, up to the time my curiosity grew when it came to the opposite gender.  Being as attractive as I could was always in mind and I was about to go out on a limb just to be able to maintain an appealing outlook. 

For some women who have gone through the same stage, I could say that for most of us, it was a real pain to be dealing with superficial attributes, most especially when it came to looks and overall appearance.  I still remember the time when I and a few of my girlfriends at that time went out just to have our hair done in one of the local hair salons.  It actually took us practically the whole day in having these nice people deal with small problems that involved a bit of what mature people may call petty things.  However, no matter how we looked at them before, it was still a major issue.  However, it was not among the worse as compared to problems with acne.  Having to deal with this seemed a disaster for young people during our time.

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