Address Labels

I and my husband have been married for almost 10 years now and since then have enjoyed each others’ company in whatever endeavour we found ourselves in.  Our lives have been more or less complete with presence of close friends and relatives who have shared a lot of wonderful occasions that just leave us both with great memories and a lot of memorabilia’s to always keep us reminded of these.  I can still remember clearly when we first had our house warming and we practically had everybody on our list attend upon receiving our invitations.  We had people from our families, close friends and even neighbours gracing such a meaningful activity. 

We are both proud of this new home of ours and this is why we have taken time to make it as comfortable as possible.  It had meant everything to us and has given us the sense of independence, tranquillity and assurance.  It made us feel so gratified and elated that we created our invitations for that home warming with well chosen words and matching address labels.  We had to make it in a fashion that others could feel the same pride and joy that we both have.

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