Ever since my husband and myself moved to new our home about a few years back, we never let up on any opportunity that came our way when it came to improvements.  These involved the basic structure of the house, furnishings and fixtures and of course, the external landscape where we have built a small gazebo to hold intimate family gatherings.  I am certain that it is not the most ideal at the moment, but it surely is very comfortable and could still get better given some more time.  I still remember when we both started working on the place and had to start from the very bottom of the list.  Now that is about almost through, we have now to consider the last thing on the program, which was to come up with a complete revamp of our appliances.  The ones that we have now are those that we took with us when we transferred, so we thought that it was just about the right time and the budget was on hand.  

Our first logical move was to look for the most practical ones that we needed to replace urgently, and these were the ones we found within our kitchen and living room.  We had to source for brands that were not only affordable, but were quite reliable and came with attractive features.  After going through several of these by actual demonstrations and reviews over the internet, we finally ended up with Samsung.  It was not only within our budget but had lots of items to offer, from the most simple and basic appliance, to the more complicated entertainment system. We have finally made our decision and next in line would be the actual purchases and deliveries.

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