Prescription Eyeglasses

Ever since I was growing up, both my parents were so concerned about my personal welfare, most especially when it came to health.  I grew up in a family that was practically so conscious about so many matters that for incidences like the flu, measles or the like, they would immediately rush me to the nearest local hospital, with the consent of course of a close family friend who was also our physician.

Now that I have started with my own brood of children, I have always kept in mind these valuable measures that I have picked up while being raised by people who mean a whole lot to me.  This has helped me a lot in keeping my own safe from any unwanted occurrences which has also created opportunities in being closer to them then it ever was.  Since my eldest has already started secondary school last year, I just had to make sure that all was well with her before entering her second season.  I normally make them undergo a series of regular medical check-ups for some peace of mind.  It turned out that she had some slight difficulties in reading books when it took more time than usual.  The doctor gave me the assurance that a pair of proper prescription eyeglasses would do it.  I was thankful that it was not more than this; otherwise it could have been some cause for alarm for me.

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