Making it past your prime does not really necessarily mean giving up on certain activities which have continuously given you pleasures and satisfaction.  It further does not imply that we should helplessly fall prey to the consequences either.  In fact, most people should feel a great sense of accomplishment and should not stop there and start feeling restricted.  Health is a number one issue when it comes to successful living and should be coupled with a very promising outlook on life.

I do personally believe that people belonging to our age group should go out and be more active rather than being personally unproductive.  I know for a fact that it is quite difficult to be dealing with certain matters concerning our physical conditions; however, there are quite a number of known solutions that would definitely put the fire back into each and every one of us.  Rejuvenation and vitality are the two major elements that most of us should be familiar with.  It is with these that we could further extend ourselves regardless of the situation.  We basically need to supplement our hgh within our body systems to attain a well balanced level.  Being able to cope up with strenuous activities would no longer be impossible and signs of aging can possibly be reversed.

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