Maritime Accident

I happen to like taking long trips during my vacation from work and have always taken the right precautionary measures in doing so.  Both I and my husband usually spend weeks or even a whole month, depending on the distance and location.  We both enjoy traveling and we always have good memories and stories to share with our families every time we come back from one.  I know that there are a lot of things to consider in making them, and one important aspect is safety.  I have always been a practical person and have always made sure that our insurance policies are well covered just in case any untoward incident occurs.

Just like everyone else, I guess it is not without any contention, that these things should be taken seriously.  However, in certain situations and circumstances, these are quite difficult to account for.  I had a recent conversation with my sister who happens to be married to a seafarer and as it is, things are quite different for her husband since he spends most of the time out of every year out on the sea.  My sister has expressed her concerns about his safety and the risks involved because of her husband’s nature of work.  I have to admit that a Maritime accident is not an improbably thing. Although there is no assurance that it is unlikely to happen,  there are policies involved and making sure that these are very well implemented is enough to keep us at ease.

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