When the time comes in making the decision to finally settle down, all things just seem to fall into the right places.  I clearly remember when I had fallen to the same circumstance, and may I say, meant all the wonderful things I am experiencing up to this point in time.  There were a lot of things that just had to be done and one of them was making the actual plans for the wedding itself.  I must admit that I had to call in the whole troop to help out in getting things done.  I am pretty sure that I could not have managed to have done things all by my lonesome even if considering that my fiancée, at that time, was all support and did his share of footwork.

There were loads of work that had to be executed in a very detailed manner, and this took much of my time since I had to practically organize every single matter.  I really appreciate the assistance that I got from family and friends, most especially to my very patient fiancée, who now happens to be my partner for an even couple of years.  Everything turned out as planned and it seemed that we were not the only ones who have enjoyed this very special occasion.  People started to appreciate how everything was conducted in such an orderly and elegant, but yet casual, manner.  All the hard work was not done overnight, there were stages that involved a slow process.  But nevertheless, was really treasured once it was all over.  One among other things which I have always considered to be the very memorable was the time when we had to formally announce our plans.  It was that precious moment that he had finally made the proposal in front of everybody and it was one beautiful sight according to all who bared witness.  From that time on, I have had friends and family who have approached me for some ideas and I have not turned down every single opportunity.  Funny thing is that at times, I even get the chance to give out some information on where to go just to get hold of what they truly want.  One among several good advises I have voluntarily shared was a visit to   I should admit that it was one of the most practical and sensible things I have done.

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