Little do people know that it is quite easy in keeping close to memories even if it involves years that have past.  I have been raised within a large family and as it normally is among young children, there are never enough stories to tell.  During my years of growing up together brothers and sisters and a couple of our cousins, both my parents always had loads of still photos that were kept in very neatly covered albums.  I still remember clearly that these were tucked away in a chest that was stored in the attic and were only brought out for everyone to see and enjoy during special gatherings of mostly family and close friends.

As it is these days, gone were the times where people really took time in preserving these moments.  I still do believe in keeping a full account of practically everything, most especially personal treasures such as portraits and similar mementos.  We know for a fact that due to technology, in one way or another, eventful moments are caught on very vivid video but I still prefer doing it the old fashioned way.  Whenever possible, I still spend some time scrapbooking since it retains much value when we start to reminisce.

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