School Girl Custome

I find it amusing whenever I get to hear some mature people having discussions among themselves about ways and means on how keep up with the changing times.  Do not get me all wrong here since the word “amusing” to me means being able to relate to certain things most especially when it comes to personal things such as preference and priorities.  At my present age and status in life, I somehow still look back on those years when things were just a bit different in terms of practicality and standards.

On account of the nature of my business, I have been provided with the opportunity to be able to meet different people from all sectors of society coming from different age groups and have just noticed certain similarities when it comes to basic principles in life.  Although the manner or approach would differ most of the time, given different personal backgrounds and such, they basically point towards leading a much fulfilled life that is full of satisfaction and bliss.  I am definitely not someone who is even close to being an expert on society, but my everyday experiences have showed me some valuable aspect in life which I took for granted years back.  I have once attended a presentation wherein one of my younger nieces was a participant.  It was one of those annual activities hosted by the parents and teachers association of her academy.  It was so fun to watch and I must admit that I had my share of laughter and fun, which was the real objective of the whole event.  It was really amazing to see some elderly people loosen up and forget about their age, at least for a good forty minutes or so.  I was completely amazed at how energetic they were most especially in those school girl costume for adults.  At the end of everything, I have finally realized that life is just more than what we have gone through so far and with God’s help; we could learn to live it to the fullest.

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